The Intelligent Video Analytic for Labview

The CompactRIO™ IVAM (Intelligent Video Analytics Module) is a first-of-it-kind, combining the well renowned National Instruments Programmable Automation Controller platform with industry leading Video Analytics. IVAM utilize the world leading intelligent video analytics technology to provide system integrators and solution providers the flexibility and ease to adopt this technology into their new or existing systems and applications. The two products are readily deployable for new or existing system. Web-based system configuration and reporting allow user to set the rules for event monitoring and get alerted easily. The products are also designed for ease of integration to 3rd party operation and business systems, where it injects the video analytics capabilities into these systems.








TI DSP Based Controller

• 700MHz Clock Rate
• 32 MB Flash
• 128MB RAM
• Ethernet Communication Port
• Analog Video Input
• TI DSP™ Rea l- Time Kernel
• Video Analytic s Engine
• CompactRIO™ SPI Interface Compatible
• Built-In Ethernet Protocol Suite
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