neutraLOG – SOLAR

The only data logger you’ll ever need

neutraLOGTM-SOLAR is the universal smart data logger for both inverters and sensors. And it can support up to 8 in- verters. It is compatible to most popular brands of On-Grid inverters with four direct 4-20mA weather sensors input ready for irradiance, wind, module and ambient temperature monitoring, making data acquisition simple and easy, and cost saving too. neutraLOGTM-SOLAR alone could fulfill all your solar PV monitoring needs.


Key Features of neutraLOG™ - SOLAR

1.Simple and straightforward installation

2.All-in-one inverter and sensors data acquisition.

3.System Tool available to provide services for inverter (by model) simulator, Neutralog simulation, Neutralog firmware update, sensors scaling and calibration, etc.

4. Each logger comes with its own MAC Address and are individually addressable.

5.Remote site monitoring via Ethernet.

6.Scalable configuration using multiple loggers per installation.

7.Ready APIs for integration to other control or management systems.

8.RService on PC-based system can be developed to obtain the acquired data in the desired format.

9.Historical data for event investigation Calculation for Performance Ratio and CO2 saving.

10.2 relay outputs with NC/NO contacts for external control.

Technical Specifications

System block diagram


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