1.What is Video Analytics?
Video analytics refers to the extraction of meaningful and relevant information from either an analogue camera or an IP camera it could also be with some systems from a video file (avi, wmv). The video images are then passed through image extraction, feature and edge detection algorithms. These will check the image for recognisable details, compares the foreground to the background and differentiates between them by only detecting foreground objects. At this point the systems have enough information to make intelligent decisions based on the pre-set rules and parameters set in the software. It can then either ignore or raise alarm depending on these rules.

2.Why Video Analytics?
This is where video analytics differs significantly from other methods of detection i.e Motion detection, Infra-red and seismic detectors. Video analytics uses recognition and classification to decide whether the object is a threat or not. For example, normal detectors would pick up the presence of an object and trigger an alert as along it sense there is something moving whereas video analytics could detect the object and classify it as not a person and ignore it. With swaying tree it would most likely activate an infra-red sensor or standard motion detection systems but would be ignored by video analytics system which help to reduce the false alarms rate. The other pro is in security environments where typically staff monitor tens if not hundreds of cameras, the video analytics system can be used to analyze all the video feeds and alert the security room operator only when a specified condition has been met. This help to improve efficiency of the security operation in handling genuine alarms and dispatch staff for investigation and dismissing false alarms.