1.Can the system do string monitoring?

Our data logger is not for string monitoring as it functions is for datalogging the inverter data as well as sensor information. For string monitoring, It must to added CARLO GAVAZZI hardware.

2.If the inverter not in the list, could we build a new driver for a specific inverter with or without a charge?

Surely we can. If we have volume / project potential and technical document available, we can waive or absorb the development cost as to prioritize the release schedule. Otherwise we have to check with our engineering department for their resource and support to include the protocol next release version.

3.How about other integration under your system coverage such as PV kWh meter or weather station with Modbus protocol?

This approach that covering environmental sensors, strings monitoring, inverter monitoring and grid metering which allows us to manage the installation conveniently such as finding inefficiencies, breakdown notification, event, string, inverter and PV meter energy analysis, etc. The datalogger itself does not handle this part. Any other intergration and / or special request can be handled and managed separately since we have the project team that can address the requirement base on a tailored made solution.

4.Is the content in the web server customizable to suits item 3 like a SCADA system to display single line diagram with parameter and reading?

Product interface is a standard which can’t be changed according to its engineering purpose. However, we can take this input as one of the consideration for future product release interface if feasible.

5.Maximum memory of SD storage.

32GB Max.

6.What are the information can be displayed in our system?

Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly AC generation report and sensor report or information.

7.Can our system manage multiple projects and remotely monitoring at SFG office?

-Can but for handling multiple projects, you need a portal / cloud support. -For online portal, subscription fee is applicable. -If you want to host the system yourself, we can provide protocol for you to build the system infrastructure. All data is in XML format.